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Lolipop records has been semi-revolutionary multi-cultural conglomeration of punk kids, loveless teen dreams & pop enthusiasts trying to change the world! Lolipop is far more than just a independent record label, it is a global  revolution, for current day rock n’ roll! a safe haven for music junkies alike! we started by releasing underground bands on cassette format in 2010 and have sprawled into releasing vinyl records, 45’s & cd’s, and management while creating a recording studio right here in beautiful los angeles, ca! we here at Lolipop are a family, and are always dedicated to releasing music that no one has heard before, music everyone heard before, and maybe not even music at all! we believe in everything we release and support our community and want to bring awareness to the global rock n’ roll music community that rock n’ roll is in fact, not dead! we want the world to know about this amazing music that sometimes goes unheard!!!

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